(Decision Support and Machine Learning - Paper Reading Group)

📭 Organisation

When: biweekly / 4 Weeks Tuesday - 15:30-17:00

Where: Sanderring 2. Room 424.

Organizer: Fabian Gwinner

📍**:** Sanderring 2, Raum 418

📧**:** fabian.gwinner∂uni-wuerzburg{-dot-}de

Organizer 2: TBD

📍**:** TBD

📧**:** TBD

📜 Group Description

The DSML (Decission Science and Machine Learning) Paper Reading Group - concentrates on highly publicated research in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Decission Support Systems, Knowledge Discovery in Databases. Besides theoretical ground work the focus lays on the application side as well.

In our paper reading group we read and discuss one paper per meeting. Every participant is expected to read the paper beforehand. The discussion leader has to give a short summary and raise a few points or questions for discussion. Who is responsible for the appointment as discussion leader changes every week.

—> Feel free to propose papers for future meetings by contacting me! 🤓

—> if you're interessted please contact me by mail, i will add you to the mailinglist. /


⏰ Meeting Schedule

<aside> 📌 This schedule provides a thorough list of the upcoming meetings.